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  • Civil & Family Mediation

  • Appellate Advocacy

  • Corporate-Commercial Law

  • Personal Injury Law

  • Small Claims & Provincial Offences

"Law is a noble profession. You are privileged to be a lawyer. Never forget it. All your d​ealings should reflect it."


Justin Bozzo, BA, JD, QMed


Justin is a conscientious attorney with strong interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to lead. Drawing on conflict resolution strategies and a wealth of knowledge in Canadian common law, Justin has identified innovative solutions to a wide range of disputes. His experiences include mobilizing diverse groups of musicians and law students, managing a high volume of legal cases, and effectively advising professionals on the inner workings of government. Writing is the bedrock of Justin's success in art, law and academia, but it is an open mind and a willingness to learn that set him apart from his peers. He is fortunate to have cultivated superior analytical and research abilities, and has given back to multiple communities in gratitude. He cherishes the prospect of working with you in Toronto and across Ontario, because facilitating improvements in the lives of others is his greatest gift, but also his greatest reward.​


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